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Trade Shows


If you are wondering how to buy wholesale or how to sell wholesale, you must attend trade shows and apparel markets! We attend and follow all the major FASHION shows (London - New York - Paris - Milan).

We give all the necessary support to all Brands,  from applying as an exhibitor  to managing the entire project.

Trade Shows are a major source of inspiration and empower you to stay abreast of emerging fashion trends and emerging brands in the fashion industry. Attending trade shows is truly an inspirational high and we strongly encourage retailers and boutiques to attend to discover new products and ways to refresh their assortment, and for brands to attend as exhibitors to connect with new buyers, boutiques, and industry mavens, and to stay competitive in their market. 

If you are a Brand that is expanding to a new market/region,  our  team of experts will help you to decide and recommend the best approach to maximise outcomes, or if you would like to attend a fashion trade show with, a retail industry expert, we attend trade shows with our clients to help them navigate and maximize their time at the show, while simultaneously assisting them in executing their merchandising buying strategy we created together as a part of our merchandising strategy consulting services.

Don’t attend a trade show without having a buying strategy in place. Book an initial consultation with us!

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