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Young Business Colleagues

Business Transformation Expert with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

Specialism areas:

- Harnessing the power of data: How to make effective decisions using data analytics

- Business Transformation and Innovation: The effective steps through Benefits approach

- Fashion and Luxury Brand Management in a Millennial's world: The future.

Will you learn 


The power of data and how to make decisions using data analytics

Bonus: Big data and the use of dashboards on the day-to day to drive decision-making

Date: 18/02


How to run a Business Transformation effectively using the Benefits approach.

Bonus: How to self-fund a Transformation Programme.

Date: 22/02


The future of Brand management in a digital world


Bonus: Millennials view on sustainability in fashion. Include in your strategy and increase sales!

Date: 24/02


EXTRA: Much more FREE short-courses available through our online training portal:

- Soft skills (balance your Team)

- Project Management

- Leadership Coaching

- Thrive for Change

- Stakeholder Management

-Dashboard creation (tool and methods)

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