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Business consultancy with an emphasis on brand growth and market positioning.

Goals and objectives help direct efforts and establish a reference point to evaluate the success of the work carried out.


If you have the desire to create your own product but don't know where to start, we are here to offer our help and guidance.


From the creation of your product, from the initial design phase to market launch. Count on us to provide advice, strategies, and resources that can boost your success on your development and distribution journey.


It's time for your business to reach its peak. Success may be closer than you think.

SCALE: Involves strategies and actions to increase the visibility, recognition and reach of a brand in order to expand its target audience and drive business success.

Brand scaling is an exciting and complex challenge that requires a strategic and planned approach.

The story of RPM BRANDS

Brand positioning is the way a brand is perceived by consumers in relation to the competition. It involves defining a unique and relevant value proposition that meets the needs of the target audience

Market positioning

Product development and production involves the process of creating, designing, and manufacturing physical goods or tangible products.

It involves the management of all the elements that make up a brand’s identity.

Development & production

Brand management, or branding, refers to the activities and strategies used to build, position and strengthen a brand over time.

Brand management

Brand internationalization is a complex process that requires careful planning, comprehensive market research and an adaptive approach. Each international market has its own opportunities and challenges, and it is essential to adopt a personalized strategy for each targeted region.

Brand Internationalization

RPM Brands develops exclusive and impactful international fashion shows, which seek to highlight the latest trends and convey a message of style and innovation. Their fashion shows are known for their creative approach, combination of traditional and contemporary elements, and the ability to create memorable experiences for the public.

International Events


Global Delivery


Our company specializes in the internationalization of companies. We offer a wide range of personalized services to help our customers achieve success in the competitive world of consumer goods.

Our team of highly qualified and passionate industry experts is ready to offer strategic guidance and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.



Our services are customized to each client's individual needs, therefore prices and duration may vary. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will provide a custom quote for your project.

Join us and discover how our expertise can boost your brand’s growth and visibility.


If you are thinking about expanding your business at scale, regardless of the sector you operate in, it is essential to contact us. Our team is ready to help your company reach new markets and seize significant growth opportunities.

With our experience in expansion strategies, we can provide valuable insights to guide your company towards international success. Our services range from detailed market research to entry strategy development, cultural adaptation, efficient logistics and distribution, and powerful global marketing strategies.


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